About Us

Emotional Moment is a wedding photography and videography service company dedicated to providing Australian couples a personalised way of remembering the best moments of their life.

Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future.

Sally Mann

Wedding photos reflect the significance the love of your life brings you. Guests come and go, flowers wither, and the gifts set aside. Yet, your wedding photos and videos are special moments in time that last forever.

They’re treasures of the heart you can’t take back once they’ve gone.

Emotional Moment will help you preserve your most romantic moments. We help you relive the joys of the past. And, bring with you an inspiring memento for your future.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

1.8 million words. That’s how much a video is worth, or so they say. But, truly, a video is worth more than that. Especially when it captures a new chapter of your life, a life full of love, happiness, and family.

These are special moments captured in the film you’ll celebrate anniversaries with! Videos you’ll share with your family, your children, and grandchildren. Your very own movie, your happily-ever-after.

For what a video is worth, your wedding videos are worth – a priceless story.

Our team will dedicate their videography expertise in helping you tell your wedding story.

More About Us

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) assists our company whenever we need to undergo business transactions and processes such as:

  • Registering Emotional Moment Photography and Film
  • Renew the registration of Emotional Moment Photography and Film
  • Deal with misunderstandings with a financial product or service provider.
  • Verifies our business information to our clients

As AIPP accredited professional wedding photographers, we passionately capture your romantic emotional moments while staying professional and ethical with our service offers.

Our accreditation assures you and promotes the quality of wedding photography service we have:

  • We are required at least 2 years of wedding photography experience to be accredited. It ensures we are efficient and highly-skilled to produce quality wedding photography services. Going beyond today, we have over 12 years of wedding photography experience to be accredited.
  • Our wedding photographers have completed photography programs that develop their professional skills and talent to capture your wedding day with the AIPP CPD program.
  • Our wedding photographers are accredited only when we ensure AIPP we have modern photography equipment.

It is our greatest recommendation that you choose only AIPP accredited wedding photographers to ensure you get only the experienced, highly-skilled, and modernly-equipped photographers to seamlessly capture the best of your special day of love.

In partnership with AON insurance, we ensure you that in the unwanted event of damage and injury, our company will be able to cover damage fees and still produce the output needed for the project.

1. Loss of equipment

In any case that our equipment was stolen or misplaced on the job, it will not be your responsibility to replace our equipment as AON insurance will take care of it.

2. Accident Insurance

Photoshoot sets may become hazardous settings with equipment and wiring lying around. In the event of an accident, all treatment and damage expenses will be covered with AON insurance.

3. Office and Studio Coverage

Be rest assured that having your photoshoot at our office or studio is less of a concern when you know that our equipment is AON insured in case of natural disasters.

As members of Canon Professional Services (CPS), we are provided exceptional support as imaging professionals with quality service and express delivery from Canon.

1. Priority Tech Support

We have direct phone contact and email assistance from Canon. They will provide priority technical support and membership assistance over non-CPS members.

2. Fast Repairs

We are ensured to have fast product and service repairs that will be delivered in high-quality professionalism in as little as 2 days. We always have equipment ready at its best condition.

3. Exclusive Access

We always have the opportunity to grow bigger and refine professionally. With access to exclusive Canon events, workshops, and special offers, we are always up-to-date with the latest photography methods and technology.


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