Our Crew

The Team that will help your wedding last forever.

Emotional Moment proudly introduces our team of photography and film experts. The very people behind the lens that capture your wedding in every best way possible. Along with our sales team, they bring together their skill and experience in creating the most amazing remembrance you'll have of your wedding.

Sam Yonane

Photographer-Videographer- Team Leader

Emotional Moment is the product of Sam's skill and love for photography and film. For more than 12 years, Sam treats the company, not like an ordinary business but his brainchild.

Karin Halsall

Second Photographer

After being almost for a decade in the wedding biz, I still get excited, every wedding I photograph. Being a true romantic at heart, I love to capture not only the key shots of the day, but more importantly, the beautiful in between moments that easily get forgotten.

Dainius Mekas


Dainius believes every frame holds precious memories couples deserve to keep forever. Like every photographer in our team, he's certified for his skill and expertise.

Marie Torreon

Sales Manager

Marie's the key person you can depend on to make sure you get the worth of your photography and videography service. She accompanies every couple in their journey to make their wedding come true.

Katherine Saga

Graphic Designer

Kath's visual prowess is extraordinary. She knows how to make already amazing photos better. Her photo expertise is important to the magical factor of Emotional Moment.