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Capture Your Wedding in One-of-A-Kind Wedding Videography

Your wedding will definitely create the best moments of your life. These are moments that you cannot afford to forget - moments that matter forever. With Emotional Moment’s wedding videography package, we make sure you keep these moments in crystal clear videos that will last more than a lifetime.

Our Videos

Browse through the extraordinary video highlights of Australian couples who made their wedding dreams come true.

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Techa & Nathan

Watch Techa & Nathan fulfill their love in a loving embrace that says “I won’t ever let you go.”

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Tiarni & Michael

Find someone who looks into your eyes with the most sincere form of love like that of Tiarni & Michael.

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Jenny and Michael

After 7 years of being together, Jenny & Michael finally tie the knot and share overflowing joy on their special day of love.

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Billi and Travis

Watch Billi & Charles fulfill their love in a loving embrace that says “I won’t ever let you go.”

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Kylie and Alex

Find someone who looks into your eyes with the most sincere form of love like that of Kylie & Alex.

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Ranah and Yazed

Love is all about being hopeful and at peace in the journey of life. See Ranah & Yazed look forward and be hopeful to the best days of their lives.

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Letitia and Daniel

This Australian couple shows us how it truly takes two to tango and two hearts to commit to marriage.

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Kiana and Tane

The grass is truly greener on the other side for Kiana & Tane after celebrating their wedding day!

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Amber and Blair

It’s never too late to find true love and enjoy it. Amber & Blair is your kind of couple that shows you how with love: nothing is impossible.

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Shannen and Ethan

Experience a love that grows everlasting like that of Shannen & Ethan. Their videos show the whole world exactly what love is.

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Bhavika and Vickram

Celebrating their Hindu wedding forward into love, joy, and prosperity, Bhavika & Vickram’s special day inspires us to find love that is special.

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Kirsten and Rhys

In the search of love, choose someone you can lean on in an embrace. Kirsten & Rhys’ wedding shows us how beautiful it is to have someone made for you.

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Asim and Reena

Grow in love and bloom with passion like Asim & Reema. Capturing their wedding was such a phenomenal experience!

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Sarah and Ahmad

Now that’s a relationship glow-up! Sarah & Ahmad celebrates their wedding among gorgeous lights and the grandest decor.

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Nicole and Anthony

With sunlight shining down on them, looking at Nicole & Anthony’s wedding shows us how in love, someone from heaven is sent down for two people.

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Nella and Elvis

Take a look at Nella & Elvis’ beautiful Samoan wedding! It’s a special day to celebrate with family & friends.

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Senka and Anthony

Settle down with not only your partner for life but with your best friend. Senka & Anthony shows how love is all about commitment to be for each other forever.

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Mateelee and Matthew

Love only gets sweeter after your wedding and Mateelee & Matthew’s is an Australian wedding to truly hope for!

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Hajrija and Emir

Gorgeous couple, Hajrija & Emir, make their love stronger and passion for each other greater as they enter into marriage.

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Asumi and Jonathan

We adore a love that is unique and held strong with a connection made for one another like Asumi & Jonathan’s - seen especially on their wedding.

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Gemma and Paul

To fall in love is amazing but to fall in love again and again - that’s one of a kind. See what that’s like in Gemma & Paul’s wedding highlights.

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Azhee and Sahar

When you’re in love, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the most beautiful things and feelings in life. Take a look at Azhee & Sahar’s best day of their lives!

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Sunitha Chamala

Love is so much greater when it’s built upon respect and honor for one another. Suritha Chamala’s Mehendi function is something so special to hope for.

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Adnan and Dalia

Being truly in love with someone fills a void in your heart that warms up your whole life in happiness like that of Adnan & Dalia.

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Candice & David

Weddings are new beginnings. And, if you want a fresh start, be wedded like Candice & David, in love and happiness.

Everything You Need In One Package

Combined Packages

Emotional Moment goes out of our way to attend to your wedding coverage needs. We tailor-make all our combined wedding photography and videography packages for the best day of your life.


Premium HD Photography

Capture every your most special day in the highest quality of photos.


4K Videography

Create a special highlight reel of all your wedding’s best moments in unparalleled video quality.


More Than 5 Hours of Coverage

Cover all your wedding moments. Opt for a 5-hour to an entire day of photography coverage.


Professional Video Edits

Transform the magic of your wedding into reality in professional video editing


Personalized Service

Experience a photography and videography service that’s tailor-made for your needs.


Drone & Aerial Videography

Take your wedding to a one-of-a-kind perspective. Record your wedding from the very heavens.


Angled in the Best Ways Possible

Have expert videographers capturing your wedding at all the right angles. 

Drone & Aerial Videos


Custom File Storage

Choose how you want to receive and keep the best memories of your life forever.


Brought to Your Wedding


Capturing Every Moment of Your Wedding